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The Delivery Magazine Report DownloadInternational Trade Survey

Published By Trade & Export Finance June 2013

Trade and Export Finance works with the Institute of Export to produce the annual International Trade Survey report.The research continues to be recognised by the Government and its various departments, Banks,Credit Insurers, other service providers and the wider international trading community.

The survey explores the changing trading conditions in the various geographical regions. It investigates current issues that have an impact on the ability of exporters and importers to trade in international markets. To read the full report click here


report-iconWhat are UK residents saying about Home Delivery?

Published By Network Research May 2013

Network Research, undertook a study to capture the thoughts and attitudes of the UK consumers with regards to parcel deliveries. The study captured the thoughts of a representative sample of nearly 1000 UK residents, of whom just over half had received a parcel in the past month. On average, UK consumers are receiving some 3.5 parcels per month. Extrapolated upwards, this would suggest that over 1 billion parcels are delivered in the UK each year.

The research highlights that the key drivers of service satisfaction and positive recommendation of the brand are simply, on time and reliable delivery, coupled with communication on how the parcel is progressing through the network. To read the full report click here


Online Retail Delivery Report 2013

Published By MICROS April 2013

The Online Retail Delivery Report benchmarks UK retailers looking at the customer’s experience of the fulfilment process. It also provides an overview of how the delivery process is changing over time. 251 retail websites were analysed, with 228 live orders placed with retailers during the research of the report which evaluates every aspect of the customer experience, from the navigation of the website, to the door step experience.

The general picture this year shows retailers focusing on speed of delivery, good service and international growth. This year saw an increase in the number of retailers providing a choice of delivery options in turn improving convenience for the customer. To read the full report click here


The customer is not always right

Published By April 2013

 Could ordinary, supposedly honest customers be a major source of fraud? For generations, retailers have been taught to put the customer first and never question their word.

So it is all the more shocking to find that one of the fastest growing types of fraud in the UK is false claims for Goods Lost in Transit (GLIT). GLIT fraud works because it preys on a core weakness of retailers – their willingness to implicitly trust the customer. To read the full report click here


report-iconIt’s time to go mobile!

Published By IMRG March 2013

Consumer trends continue to show huge increases in the adoption and use of smartphones to shop and spend online, despite an uncertain economic climate. Retailers can increase sales & benefit significantly by taking advantage of the vast growth opportunities offered by mobile.

By “going mobile” retailers engage customers in a fresh and unique way, meeting shoppers’ needs with a fully-integrated, mobile shopping experience.  To read the full report click here


report-iconHow can retailers succeed in the digital decade!

Published By IMRG March 2013

Retail is currently going through a period of fundamental change. While the first decade of the 21st Century saw the internet become an integral part of our daily lives, it is this one that can be thought of as being the ‘digital decade’.

Customers have access to brands through a variety of devices and channels that seem to be growing all the time, meaning engagement with them is becoming ever-more complex. In many ways the retail rulebook has had to be torn up and rewritten from scratch; which is not to say that the definitive new edition is anywhere near completion just yet.

But how can retailers succeed in a retail environment where they are being forced to adapt swiftly due to the impact of relentless social and technological change?

IMRG have produced a free-to-download report focusing on the range of opportunities available for retailers who are willing to embrace the digital decade. To read the full report click here


report-iconEffective parcel delivery in the online era

Published By CFS August 2012

Effective parcel delivery is becoming more and more important for consumers in Scotland, driven by online shopping trends. It is particularly important for consumers in rural areas of Scotland, who do not have access to the same high street shopping opportunities as consumers elsewhere.

The evidence in this report suggests that consumers want flexible delivery solutions that fit in with their lifestyles. They want transparent delivery costs and better communication from parcel delivery operators and online retailers alike. To read the full report click here


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