Ship-From-Store Could Boost Retailer Sales By 20%

ebayeBay Enterprise today released the results of customer analysis which found that their Ship-From-Store solution could increase the average retailer’s sales by 20%* – the equivalent of £27,000 per day for a £50 million retailer – by making in-store inventory available to online shoppers.

The results come as eBay Enterprise today announces the launch of an enhanced Ship-From-Store solution in the UK, which benefits from an accelerated deployment.

The ship-from-store distribution model allows retailers and brands to turn their stores into virtual distribution centres across their entire network, including using local store inventory to fulfill online orders, and sourcing products from the most efficient locations.

Michael Kliger, Managing Director Europe & APAC, eBay Enterprise said: “The results of our customer analysis show the significant cost savings and customer service benefits that Ship-From-Store can deliver for retailers. By turning their physical retail locations into virtual DCs, retailers can maximise inventory across their online and in-store channels to boost sales, eliminate in-store markdowns and reduce delivery costs and times.”

The 30 retailers already using eBay Enterprise’s Ship-From-Store solution recorded an average 30%* margin increase on items nearing markdown by making in-store inventory available to online shoppers, thereby increasing sales and reducing the need to markdown old stock.

Over the last year, eBay Enterprise’s Ship-From-Store solution has saved these retailers nearly 10 million sales** – the equivalent of £389 million – that would otherwise have been lost due to inventory going out-of-stock in some of their channels.

Kliger added, “Ship-From-Store should be a no-brainer for UK retailers, but the majority are still missing out. That’s why we’ve accelerated the deployment time of our offering to make it quicker for retailers to integrate with their existing systems and easier for store associates to use.”

eBay Enterprise’s newly enhanced Ship-From-Store solution combines intelligent inventory management with sophisticated order routing tools and intuitive web and mobile interfaces for store associates, and is now fully deployable within 99 days.


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